Acura TLX 2023 Specs, Price, and Photos

Acura TLX

Even though Acura TLX 2023 isn’t exactly a Japanese version of the BMW 3-series, the TLX is nonetheless a no-nonsense sports sedan. It has well-coordinated motions, strong braking, a modicum of steering feel, and a handsomely equipped cabin. The base TLX is powered by a turbocharged inline-four engine producing 272 horsepower; front-wheel drive is the standard and an all-wheel drive is an optional option. 

All-wheel drive is a standard feature on the fully-optioned TLX Type S, which is powered by a spirited 355-horsepower twin-turbo V-6 engine. Each engine is attached to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The TLX may be on the stocky side when compared to other vehicles in its class, but it moves with surprising dexterity. 

Rear seat passengers in mid-size luxury sedans such as the Audi A6 and BMW 5-series have little legroom despite the fact that these vehicles are comparable in size to larger ones. The TLX has pricing that makes it a more cheap alternative to its German competitors, in addition to having a feeling that is communicative, which is something that discriminating drivers will appreciate.

A new Acura TLX Type S PMC Edition will be available in 2023, and it will feature several hand-made additions from the Performance Manufacturing Center. Curva Red, 130R White, and Long Beach Blue are the three colors that were formerly offered for the NSX and are now available for this special version. 

Details on the exterior of the PMC include a roof, antenna, door handles, and exhaust tips finished in Berlina Black. This model is the only one available with copper-colored lightweight wheels that measure 20 inches and are inspired by the NSX. 

Also included is carbon fiber, which can be found in the decklid spoiler, rear diffuser, and interior trim elements of the TLX Type S PMC Edition. This premium material is used throughout the vehicle.

Acura TLX Price and Specs

Acura TLX specs

The Acura TLX has a starting price that is less than $40,000, which is less than virtually any other small luxury sedan on the market. We were able to sell our fully loaded Acura TLX A-Spec with all-wheel drive for less than $48,000, which is thousands of dollars less than similarly equipped competitors’ vehicles. When you take into consideration the pleasing materials and high-quality build, this Acura certainly makes a powerful statement regarding value.

It’s four-year/50,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty is standard for the industry; however, its powertrain coverage of six years/70,000 miles is more extensive than what the German competition provides. However, unlike many of its German competitors, the TLX does not come with complimentary maintenance included in the price.

Both in terms of its performance and its price, the 355-horsepower Type S model is at the top of the TLX series. The fact that it is more affordable than the Audi S4 and the BMW M340i makes it an even more compelling option, even though its preceding quality already makes it our top pick. 

The all-wheel-drive version of the BMW is approximately $4,000 more expensive, and the base price of the S4 is roughly $1,000 higher than that of the Type S. However when it is fully loaded, the S4’s total cost is over $56,000. The Type S is available at a lower price point and features high-end amenities like leather upholstery, adaptive dampers, and an ELS premium audio system as standard equipment. 

In addition, we recommend purchasing the Performance option, which costs $800 and includes one-of-a-kind 20-inch wheels shod in summer tires for enhanced traction and stopping ability around corners.

Engine and Driving Performance of the Acura TLX

Acura TLX review

The base model of the Acura TLX is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four cylinder engine that generates 272 horsepower and is mated to a 10-speed automated transmission. Acura’s all-wheel-drive system, which is dubbed SH-AWD and shuffles power around the wheels to improve agility and traction, is an available option. Front-wheel drive is the default, and owners have the choice to upgrade to SH-AWD.

Although it was able to reach 60 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds, this is slower than other cars in this class and even the less powerful Honda Accord 2.0T that we tested because of its reduced weight. Nevertheless, the TLX’s excellent chassis tuning made it an extremely enjoyable vehicle to drive and demonstrated that Acura is still capable of producing sports sedans. 

This remark is especially applicable to the higher-performance Type S, which features a turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 that produces 355 horsepower, a quick-shifting 10-speed automatic transmission, SH-AWD, and a sportier suspension configuration. In contrast to the standard TLX, it can be had with summer tires that stick better and wheels that weigh less than 20 inches.

However, it has a stiff ride that doesn’t hide any of the bumps in the road, and it didn’t feel as nimble as another shorter, sportier competitors on the market, like the Audi S4.

The Acura TLX has a rating of 22 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway when equipped with front-wheel drive. Those numbers go down to 21 in the city and 29 on the highway for models that come equipped with SH-AWD. 

The  TLX Type S has a maximum city fuel economy of 19 mpg and a maximum highway fuel economy of 25 mpg. On the fuel-economy route that we drove at 75 miles per hour as part of our thorough testing regimen, the all-wheel-drive, four-cylinder vehicle that we used earned 30 miles per gallon.

Acura TLX Interior

Acura TLX

The cabin of the TLX features an expressive design that draws attention to the car’s athletic nature. These include a prominent rotary drive-mode selection in the middle of the dashboard as well as beautiful analog gauges on the sides of the instrument cluster. In addition to the exceptional build quality that is characteristic of Acura vehicles, the new TLX features upgraded inside materials that are of a higher quality than those found in its predecessor. 

These materials include open-pore wood and genuine aluminum. Even if the inside of the sedan has a feeling of spaciousness from side to side, the back seat appears to be less roomy than that of some of the other vehicles in this class. Nevertheless, it rewards drivers with front chairs that are highly adjustable and outstanding forward visibility.

In addition, the Acura TLX has a wide variety of interior color options, exclusive leather upholstery, and enticing features. The latter features a big head-up display that is 10.5 inches in size and changeable ambient-lighting settings that are named after famous driving destinations and racetracks. Some examples of these settings include “Pacific Coast” and “Suzuka.”

The trunk of the Acura TLX is 13.5 cubic feet larger than the trunks of the majority of its competitors. The aperture to the trunk is also quite large, which makes it easy to load lengthy goods in a horizontal orientation.

However, if the decklid is not very high, your access to the back of the trunk will be somewhat restricted, and it will be difficult to load and retrieve objects that are crammed up against the back seats. The cabin provides a wide variety of storage options; nevertheless, most of them are on the smaller side.

Be aware that the lower anchors for car seats are covered beneath a strip of leather with a Velcro backing; this strip of the leather must be removed if your performance sedan is also going to be used as a family hauler. The car’s wide doors should make it simple to load a car seat, but the TLX’s small size will require some sacrifices to be made in terms of the amount of room available in the front seats.

The Infotainment System in Acura TLX

Acura TLX (8)

Every Acura TLX comes standard with an infotainment system that has a 10.2-inch display and is mostly controlled via a touchpad located on the center console. You can also control certain tasks by using the buttons on the steering wheel or the physical controls that are located next to the touchpad. It is also designed with a padded resting spot for your wrist directly below the touchpad, which makes using it significantly more pleasant. 

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Wi-Fi hotspot are all included as standard equipment in the TLX. Those who need the most sophisticated sound system available from ELS as well as a wireless charging pad will be required to go for the Advance package.

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