Land Rover Discovery Sport: Land Rover’s newest model


The new baby of the Land Rover family is called the Land Rover Discovery Sport. The ever-increasing demand for SUVs across the world is largely responsible for Land Rover’s remarkable rise to the top of the automotive industry. 

Since being acquired by Tata Motors, Land Rover has seen increased levels of both success and profitability. However, the strategy that the company takes has changed, and it now develops UVs that are more environmentally friendly, as well as lighter, faster, and more efficient. 

The most recent addition to the lineup is the Land Rover Discovery Sport, which will also be the first off-road vehicle to bear the Land Rover brand.

Is it of acceptable quality? Is it a workable substitute for the Land Rover Freelander 2? We put the baby Land Rover through its paces by driving it.

Appearance from the Outside

The Evoque and the Discovery Sport have a lot of design cues in common with each other. There were a lot of people who were wondering if this was the new Evoque, and we discovered that the Discovery Sport in white and silver could be confused for a Range Rover Evoque because of the color scheme. 

When the Evoque from the current model year arrives in India, there will be a noticeable difference between it and the previous model. It is clear that this vehicle is a member of the Discovery family due to the fact that it has a streamlined front grille with pulled-back headlamps and the word DISCOVERY embossed just above the grille. 

The Freelander2 has been taken off the market, and here is the vehicle that will take its place. The Land Rover brand is going to be broken up into three different families: Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender.

The Discovery Sport is the newest member of the Discovery family, and it is constructed on a brand-new platform that will soon be used by other Discovery products. This platform was used to build Discovery Sport. 

The Discovery Sport’s profile from the side is characterized by a roof that slopes downwards in a manner that is analogous to that of newer-generation Land Rovers. Both the clamshell bonnet and the floating roof are signature elements of the Land Rover design that have been preserved. The Land Rover Discovery Sport comes in a variety of body variants.

The Appearance of the Land Rover Discovery Sport’s Interior

The materials used to decorate the Discovery’s interior are of the highest quality, and the layout exudes an air of refined sophistication. The cabin is filled with elements that add a sense of luxury throughout, and the level of comfort only improves as you move up to more expensive trim levels. 

Adjustable fore-and-aft and recline functions are available on second-row seats, and power-adjustable, heated leather seats with an optional massage function are available for the driver and front-seat passenger. These seats provide excellent support and even better cushioning. There would be fewer options for adventuring if there wasn’t enough room to carry all of the necessary equipment. 

The capacious cabin of the Disco was able to accommodate all 29 of our carry-on baggage when both of its rear rows of seats were folded down. This made the vehicle exceptionally accommodating. However, if all seven of the Discovery’s seats are occupied, the maximum number of carry-ons it is able to transport is reduced to just two behind the third row of seating. This is due to the fact that the last row of seats in the vehicle must be flipped up.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport’s cabin is designed to look very much like the cabins of the other new Land Rover vehicles. Individuals who are interested in contemporary design but do not wish to invest the money necessary to purchase a Freelander2 will find that the new Discovery Sport is an excellent alternative. 

The interiors of the Land Rover Discovery Sport have good quality, but you shouldn’t expect them to be particularly lavish. There is a difference between high-quality and premium, and it is important to note that the Discovery family is not premium.

There are two dials in the instrument cluster, each with its own backlight, and the whole thing is easy to operate and read. Those individuals who are not familiar with Land Rovers may not be aware that the switches for the power windows are positioned next to the window rather than on the armrest. 

Another characteristic touch added by JLR is the rising gear knob that occurs when the ignition switch is activated. The new Discovery Sport also comes with an updated center console that is not only user-friendly but also practical. The Discovery series prioritizes practicality above opulence in its design philosophy.

What it does not have is the personality of the Freelander2, which had things like thicker and heavier gear sticks, wider windows that gave the impression of more open space inside the vehicle, and twin vertical chrome bars on the steering wheel that functioned as a horn. 

These aren’t required, but we think they give the SUV a little more character. This was also done in the Freelander series, although the Discovery series has its own distinctive aesthetic touches.

We really liked how spacious the Discovery Sport’s back seats were, in addition to the fact that it did not have stadium seating as the Freelander2 did. It also comes with a seating configuration that enables 5 adults and 2 additional passengers to ride in the back, turning it into a full-fledged family SUV. It can be purchased in either a fine or seven-seater configuration.

Motivated by the Results

The buyer has the option of selecting either a 296-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder or a 355-horsepower turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six engine, the latter of which utilizes a 48-volt hybrid system. 

All Discovery versions come with full-time all-wheel drive as a standard feature. We haven’t had the opportunity to test drive the Disco with the standard turbo four yet, but when equipped with the inline-six, the large Land Rover behaves nimbly in the city and provides sufficient power for merging onto the highway and passing other vehicles. 

The six-cylinder Discovery reached 60 miles per hour in 6.3 seconds when tested on our proving ground.

Both the 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline and the 2.2-liter diesel engines that power the Freelander2 are also found in the Discovery Sport. The Land Rover Freelander 2 is heavier than the Land Rover Discovery Sport, which is why the Discovery Sport has significantly greater performance. 

The Ford-designed EUCD platform was used for the construction of the Freelander2 as well as for a number of other Volvo models. The newer models of Land Rover make use of technology that was developed in-house. 

This allows the brand to become more self-sufficient while also allowing it to differentiate itself from the synergies of its former owner, Ford Motor Company.

There are two distinct power outputs that can be achieved from the diesel engine used in the Discovery Sport: 148 horsepower and 188 bhp. These engines come paired with transmissions that have nine different gear ratios. Tested the five-seater version with 188 horsepower. The amount of engine noise is acceptable, and the NVH levels are about the same as those of the other vehicles in its class. 

The amount of power provided by the engine is enough, and we appreciate how quickly it reacts. There is enough power available to pass other vehicles, but unlike some of its competitors, there is no option for a V6 Diesel engine. When everything is considered, it is clear that Discovery Sport is the superior option.

When you are driving, whether it be in the city or on the highway, you will not become exhausted. It is a pleasure to drive thanks to the engine’s satisfying level of oomph. If you want to move slowly, put it in D mode, and if you want to go quickly, put it in S mode; nonetheless, the difference between the two is not really noteworthy. Because it is normally functioning within its power band when in D, the engine is at ease because the amount of power available is sufficient for driving.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport boasts a riding quality that is both composed and supple. This SUV is able to glide effortlessly over bumps on the road whilst retaining some of its rigidity. The entirety of the credit should go to the engineering team. If you drive on bad roads, you won’t have as much cause to complain. 

It does not feel rough or unstable at any point because of the suspension’s excellent balance. Additionally, the chassis is more rigid and exhibits a marked improvement in alacrity. When compared to the Freelander 2, there is nearly no body roll, which is on a level with the competition from Germany. 

The steering wheel is light and simple to control within the confines of the city, but as the vehicle’s speed grows, its weight becomes more noticeable. There is absolutely nothing that could be improved upon in this regard. Additionally, a wide variety of off-roading environments are at your disposal. These are almost prepared to be positioned on the center console, which will clear space for additional storage compartments.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Towing Capacity

For the vast majority of weekend warriors and sporadic travellers in the Fort Lee area, a towing capacity of 4,409 pounds is more than adequate to meet their needs. If they choose this car, drivers shouldn’t have any issue towing any of the following, which includes everything: Boats used for fishing.


Land Rover Discovery Sport

The Freelander2 was an excellent choice for use in off-road conditions. However, as a result of the actions taken by the brand, it has significantly improved. The Freelander2 was the most daring of its group when it came to sitting in its shoes, but the Land Rover Discovery Sport now also offers great on-road qualities as well.

In comparison to the products offered by its German rivals, Land Rover has made major product advancements, and as a result, the Discovery Sport is unequivocally an exceptionally better automobile. Because the manufacturer has invested more money into the underpinnings of the Discovery Sport, it is a better buy for those who are searching for off-roaders with a high level of capability. 

If luxury is all you care about, your best bet is the Range Rover Evoque. This car is more luxurious and comes at a price comparable to other options, but it does not have the same off-road capability as the Discovery Sport. Because we venture off the main road so regularly, we find that the Land Rover Discovery Sport best suits our needs.

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