It's Gorgeous   The Kodo design style is very much present here, although it has changed since we saw it on the present generation Mazda 6 back in 2013.

There's Now A Spiced Up Turbo Version A new 2.5 liter supercharged 4-cylinder engine with 250 horsepower and a substantial 320 lb/ft of power is housed beneath the hood  

The Sedan Is Pretty Swanky Too  The sedan and the aforementioned hatchback. Even though the hatchback often looks to be the better option, the sedan is still a viable option. 

It's Really Good To Drive  The automotive industry appears to be engaged in an arms race to push the envelope and make almost every type of vehicle enjoyable to drive.

A Very Interesting Engine Is Available One little-known truth would be that Mazda is one of a select group of automakers who support the continued use of internal combustion engines.

The Interior Is Really Nice It's no surprise that Mazda wishes to compete in the luxury sector, therefore they are making significant upgrades to interior comforts and quality.

The Tech Is Good   The 8.8" infotainment screen in the base car is brutally mounted at the height of the dashboard, but the user interface is quick and simple.

It's Practical    One of the key reasons that so many individuals are choosing crossovers over smaller sedans like the Mazda 3 as well as the VW Golf is because they are practically identical in size

Available Stick Shift The Miata boasts one of the best equipment change experiences in car design, and the Mazda 3 is no exception. Mazda has a tradition of making the shifter knob feel similar to that of the Miata.

Amazing Value For Money The lowest model, suitably dubbed the 2.5 S, starts at a nearly astounding $22,600 and is also available with a manual gearbox.