Hello Guys, in the next slides we have compiled a list of 9 Cars In Elon Musk's Personal Collection, including the car that was his first ever purchased.

1978 BMW 320i: Musk’s First Car A 1978 BMW 320i, Musk's first automobile, amply demonstrates his modest beginnings. In reality, a BMW wasn't quite the status symbol it is now back then.

McLaren F1 from 1997: His Celebrational Purchase . According to his own words, after Zip2 was acquired, he made the decision to purchase an F1, which in his opinion is the "greatest car ever."

Lotus Esprit, 1976 When it eventually went up for auction, Musk purchased it from the auctioneers in 2013 for around $1 million.

Porsche 911 Turbo 2012 He was not a fan of the enormous gas-guzzler, which is why he became fixated on the concept of making his Porsche 911 electric.

2010 Audi Q7 When Musk required a huge vehicle for his large family in 2010, the Audi Q7 was among the most opulent SUVs in the world.

2006 BMW M5 Once more, an automobile that Elon Musk previously owned served as the inspiration for one of his inventions in a Tesla vehicle. By alone, the BMW M5 was a potent vehicle.

Ford Model T of 1920  When Henry Ford took the decision to release the Model T, the first mass-produced car for the general public, he created the most significant automobile of the 20th century.

Jaguar E-Type Roadster from 1967 Musk described how, at the age of 17, he came upon the Jaguar E-type in a vintage convertible catalogue.

Tesla Roadster During SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket launch in 2018, Musk loaded his Roadster with a dummy astronaut driving it into the night sky.