Audi Q7 Specs The 2023 Audi Q7 is a family SUV with some sports sedan in its DNA, including three rows of seats and nimble handling.

2023 Audi Q7  will appeal to folks with high-end and high-tech tastes due to its luxurious cabin. Stelvio Stelvio Stelvio

The Audi Q7 comes standard with an eight-speed automatic, an inline four with 261 horsepower, and all-wheel drive.

The Q7's maximum 7000-pound towing capacity is unlocked by an additional 335-hp turbocharged V-6, which is an available upgrade.

What's New in the 2023 Audi Q7 The Q7 receives the A4 sedan's 261-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which is more potent.

The sophisticated LED matrix headlamps of the Q7 are now available as an option on the Premium Plus trim and come standard on the Prestige, which also has a new remote parking capability.

With lane centering, adaptive cruise control is now included of the Convenience package in the Premium and Premium Plus versions.

The turbo-four powertrain in the 45 is more than adequate in our opinion, so we recommend pairing it with the Premium Plus trim level.

Audi Q7 Engine Standard power comes from a 261-hp turbocharged four-cylinder with a 12-volt hybrid system, which should please all but the pickiest drivers.

The 3.0-liter turbocharged V-6 with a 48-volt hybrid system, which produces 335 horsepower, will be more appealing to those looking to maximise power.

Despite its size, the Q7 seems low and limber, like a pumped-up sport waggon, when the optional performance tyres are mounted on 21-inch wheels.

Audi Q7 MPG The V-6-powered model's EPA fuel economy figures are 17 mpg in the city, 21 mpg on the highway, and 18 mpg overall.

Audi Q7 Interior The cabin is a special space with its modern, minimalist design combined with tonnes of technology, superb comfort, and high build quality.

The Q7's interior is highlighted by gorgeous materials and design, a clever control arrangement, and cosy seats with plenty of support and adjustment.

When all of the Audi Q7's seats are occupied, there isn't much cargo room in the cargo area, like with most three-row SUVs.