With the improvement of national consumption power, more and more consumers can afford cars.

Some people will say it depends on brand power, and some people say it depends on sales volume. Both statements are too one-sided.

According to the latest data released by the American authority JDPower, a total of 15 brands have reached the pass line

The car brand quality report released, BMW still ranks in the top ten, Toyota just passed!

American cars occupy the top three on the list, followed by Buick, Dodge and Chevrolet, while Japanese cars

The period is a collective "stretching", Lexus fell out of the top five, Toyota and Mazda also failed to enter the top ten

The fourth and fifth place are both from Korean cars, namely Genesis and Kia Motors.

Lexus ranks sixth and GMC ranks seventh. Cadillac, BMW and Ford also make the top ten.

GMC, Cadillac and Ford Cars are also relatively well-known American car brands

the car brands that have passed the quality performance include Lincoln, Nissan, MINI, Toyota and Mazda.