Due to how well electricity performs, hybrid sports vehicles are becoming more and more popular, but the 2020 BMW i8 focuses more on looking fast than actually being quick.

The 2020 i8 is useful every day thanks to a smooth ride and comfy front seats, but its small storage area and restricted cabin access would put most people off.

The 2020 i8 lineup is identical from the one that debuted in 2019, which featured a new battery technology and the inclusion of the convertible roadster.

For the unique open-air driving experience offered by the 2020 i8 roadster, we would pay more money.

With the exception of the Crystalline White paint with accents in blue or grey, the majority of exterior colors are free alternatives.

The i8 from BMW has just one available powerplant. A 1.5-liter, three-cylinder turbocharged gas engine is coupled with an 11.6-kWh storage and two electric in this vehicle.

With their combined 369 horsepower, the trio of engines can move all four wheels.With their combined 369 horsepower, the trio of engines can move all four wheels.

The EPA fuel-economy ratings for the i8 are average for hybrid vehicles but still superior to most sports cars.

Even though the i8 emphasizes design over utility, front-seat occupants won't experience a tight fit.

There are no choices for heated leather seats, an energy steering wheel, or lumbar support in the passenger seat.

Because there is no storage in the front trunk, unlike these half sports cars, the i8's rear baggage area is long but shallow, and we were only able to fit one carry-on suitcase inside.

The 8.8-inch touchscreen mounted atop the dashboard is a sharp-looking display for the system, which is largely user-friendly.

Owners of less luxurious BMWs will be familiar to the i8's infotainment system.On all i8 models, Apple CarPlay is available as standard equipment, however Android Auto is not.