Coinbase Custody was created in 2018 to help the crypto market deal with its security, regulatory, and operational problems.

Coinbase Custody is a separate company that is regulated by the NYDFS. It gives institutions access to the custody solution that has been the foundation of Coinbase for more than six years.

Coinbase Custody keeps private keys safe and gives clients easy online access to their holdings. This lets clients take part in crypto networks safely and actively.

Custody services include staking and putting crypto assets into and taking them out of a custody account.

Coinbase Custody can be used with OTC and Coinbase Pro for instant liquidity and a full set of tools for institutional investors. On our road map are governance and other new features.

Their cold storage solution is built on the same system that Coinbase uses to hold more than $20 billion in crypto assets for its retail customers.

Enterprise-grade means it can be checked and has insurance. Major financial and security audit firms check on Coinbase Custody on a regular basis.

One place to go to make investing easy. When you combine Coinbase Pro with Custody services, you get the most liquidity on a regulated exchange with full KYC guarantees.

The crypto market has changed over more than a decade and now has dozens of assets that professional investors would be interested in, custody is still a big problem for institutional investors.

Because of this uncertainty, crypto-first institutions may feel like they have no choice but to store their own crypto assets.

On the other hand, institutions that are new to crypto may already have custodial services but don't know how to handle a brand-new asset class with brand-new security risks.