Copywriting VS Content writing - this is one of the most confusing questions among digital marketers. let's discuss this.

Copywriting is the process of writing words to sell something whereas in content writing our main purpose is sometimes to educate or inform our readers.

You can say that the main goal of Copywriting is to persuade your readers to take action like Buy Now.

In Content writing our main goal is to educate our readers about a product by writing "how to use this product" type articles.

In Copywriting usually we write little words or we can say in Copywriting we write selective words which we think will persuade our readers.

On the other hand in content writing, we usually write more than 2000 words to make sure that our reader will receive enough information about the product.

Some examples of Copywriting includes writing Facebook or Google Ads script, landing pages, emails, taglines, etc.

Content writing examples include blog posts, white papers, reports, e-books, etc.

In copywriting having advanced knowledge of SEO is not required, if you have a basic understanding then it's enough.

Whereas in content writing you must have advanced to an expert level of SEO knowledge, that's how your article will going to rank on Google SERP.

We write copy to convert organic traffic into our buyers or we can say leads.

In content writing, we write content to drive organic traffic to our blog posts or articles.