The play-to-earn game CryptoVillages is being developed by Australian cryptocurrency consulting company Web3 Metaverse Innovations Pty Ltd.

Leading GameFi ecosystem developer Web3-MI recently unveiled a proposal that might fundamentally alter the market.

In order to receive prizes in the real world, you must develop an empire and collect an army in the play-to-earn game known as CryptoVillages.

All gamers can find something to enjoy in CryptoVillages, whether they choose to develop their own villages, fight for good in the world, or play PvP games.

CryptoVillages mixes click-to-earn components with a variety of massively multiplayer online gaming elements, such as (PvP), (PvM), and (PvE).

For those who want to get engaged with the project without participating in the game, they have also included passive income investment alternatives.

Players and investors alike have the chance to participate in cryptocurrency games at CryptoVillages in a secure and welcoming setting.

Web3-MI, a firm with in-depth expertise in all things GameFi, is aware that shady personalities and subpar goods have fostered mistrust in the industry.

Anyone interested in taking part in CryptoVillages can do so with confidence because the crew is fully doxed and all located in Australia.

Passive income buildings are Web3-MI's newest flagship design, and the company concentrates on producing unique, captivating designs.

The in-game marketplace activity now permanently provides passive revenue to those who were fortunate enough to have discovered the project in time to invest in one of these NFTs.

1.5% of all player trades go to holders, whether they are trading rare items, in-game buildings, relics, food, or resources.

Web3-MI CEO Dr. Mitchell Wright commented on the project's current state of development when asked, "The early acceptance of CryptoVillages has been fantastic to say the least.