The 2022 Dodge Challenger keeps things vintage with a package that's more focused on straight-line speed and vintage pony-car frolics.

The turbocharged Hemi V-8 engines, which are optional and come in a range of displacements and outputs from a 375-hp, 5.7-liter engine to a 485-hp, 6.4-liter engine, are where the real fun is.

Under the hood of the Dodge Challenger 2022, special commemorative plaques proclaim that it is the last model year of the present generation.

To honour the Hemi V-8 engine that is housed behind the tall, vented hood of the vehicle, all R/T versions receive a new "345" emblem for the front fender.

The 305-hp base V-6 in the Dodge Challenger won't delight adrenaline junkies. Only the eight-speed automatic transmission and the small engine are compatible.

The Challenger, a rear-drive vehicle with a V-6 engine, is predicted to achieve 19 city and 30 highway mpg. Both of those scores are reduced by 1 and 3 mpg when all-wheel drive is included.

The interior of the Dodge Challenger is reminiscent of a vintage muscle vehicle, with a straightforward layout that was influenced by models from the 1970s and plush furnishings.

Although the wide front seats in the Challenger are comfortable for cruising, even those that are available and have additional bolstering don't hug their occupants as tightly as those in the Camaro or Mustang.

The centre console of the Dodge Challenger is spacious, and there is a convenient place for a smartphone. However, none of the vehicles in this class that we tested were very good at storing little objects.

If talking about infotainment then Every Dodge Challenger has a version of Dodge's easy-to-use Uconnect infotainment system.