The Honda City has a sophisticated design, a noble presence, and exceptional technological ability. The Honda Solid Wing Face may be seen on the front of the vehicle on a broad upper grill.

With the addition of Full LED Headlamps, this strong front is elevated (with 9 LED array inline shell, integrated LED DRL, L-Shaped LED Turn Indicator)

obtaining a balanced feeling of freedom and security when driving. The Honda City's cockpit has a "SO-KAI" or "Invigorating" design.

The Honda City seems far more opulent and luxurious than cars in its class because of the upholstery, which has hand-crafted tailoring and premium leather seats.

The Honda City makes no compromises in maintaining the goal of interior comfort and space. The interiors are based on Honda's "Man Maximum," which is motivated by putting people first.

An ergonomically built cockpit and a deliberately constructed interior space with plenty of legroom combine to give you an absolutely delightful riding experience.

The instrument panel welcomes you as soon as you get behind the wheel with an ergonomic layout.

This has a cutting-edge touchscreen that links with Windows and iOS++, creating new opportunities for staying connected and social while driving.

With the Honda Superior Smart Key System, convenience is king in the Honda City. First Move Away Auto Lock function for the City

The inclusion of AC ducts in the back of the car further contributes to the sense of opulent comfort and aids in maintaining a consistent temperature inside.

The Honda City's engine incorporates a new generation of technological improvements that significantly improve driving speed and energy efficiency. Precision Valve Technology

Real High Formability 980 MPa grade steel and ultra maximum stiffness tensile steel plates are used in the frame of the Honda City.