Although it won't raise anyone's heart beat, the 2022 Honda CR-V is an appealing compact crossover thanks to its roomy cabin and fuel-efficient powertrains.

In addition, the CR-impressive V's fuel efficiency means that family road trips will require fewer fill-ups than with many other SUVs.

The 2022 CR-V is among the most rewarding and talented competitors, while not being the flashiest or classiest in this very competitive segment.

The CR-V lineup is unchanged for the 2022 model year. The following generation, which is anticipated to make its debut as a vehicle in 2023, is depicted in some spy images, though.

The following CR-V will most likely have a gas-only and a hybrid powertrain in addition to a cleaner design and the potential for a third row.

Honda CR-V Engine Honda researched before installing its first turbocharged engine, a 1.5-liter unit with 190 horsepower, in the CR-V and combining it with a top CVT.

Honda CR-V's Towing capacity is one of the lowest at 1500 pounds, compared to the inadequate towing capacities of the majority of compact crossovers.

A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and two electric motors, totaling 212 horsepower, power the Honda CR-V hybrid.

When pressing the gas pedal, this engine was far quieter than the standard engine, which was one of the noisiest in its class.

Honda CR-V MPG Two economical engines are offered for the CR-V, each of which uses less gasoline than the other.

All-wheel-drive variants get 27 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway, while the front-drive, gas-only model gets 28 city and 34 highway mpg ratings.

Honda CR-V Interior Elegant and spacious, CR-interior V's creates a relaxing ambiance. High-quality materials and a classic arrangement give a modern aesthetic.

In the Touring model, a stylish blend of faux-wood embellishments, chromed plastic, and brushed-satin finishes appeared especially posh.

The Honda CR-V not only tops its class in terms of cargo volume and luggage space, but also receives excellent points for having user-friendly and practical equipment.

10 carry-on bags fit behind the back seat, matching the Ford Escape and Mazda CX-5. When the back seat is folded, the Honda CR-V has the greatest cargo space in its class.