Honda HR V Specs The HR-V is a fantastic alternative for consumers who want one of the most utilitarian vehicles in the class, even though it's not the cheapest or sexiest subcompact SUV.

Honda HRV Engine The four-cylinder engine in the HR-V is slow, loud, and unrefined; it won't please your inner street racer, and the (CVT) makes the engine even more rude.

Honda HRV Interior All but the tallest passengers will have enough head and legroom in the roomy front seats.

Although the Honda's sloping roofline limits headroom in the back seat, there is still plenty of legroom. The second-row Magic Seat is the HR-main V's selling point.

The backs of the back seats fold flat when released. It makes loading the cargo hold easy when coupled with the low load floor.

In the Honda HR V, the bottom cushion may also be flipped up to create an even deeper space between the front and rear seatbacks for larger objects.

Honda HRV Dimensions The Honda HR-V is anticipated to be 4334mm long, 1772mm wide, and 1605mm tall.

A broader body typically provides more shoulder room within the car, and a higher roof facilitates entry and exit. The Honda HR-V will reportedly have a 2610mm wheelbase.

Honda HRV price The starting MSRP for the brand-new 2023 Honda HR-V is $23,650. That is slightly higher than the subcompact SUV class average.

The HR-V, on the other hand, costs $28,950 when fully loaded, which is far cheaper than many of its top rivals.

Honda HRV AWD Among the five Honda HRV models The top-tier touring model, which includes AWD as standard

Honda HRV Hybrid The ZR-V is the name given to America's new HR-V internationally; the rest of the world receives a different, hybrid HR-V.

Problems With Honda HRV - Loose and filthy window gaskets. - Dull Paint Quality - The Fuel Pump Could Fail Too Soon.

Additionally, customers frequently complain about uncomfortable seats, push-start, suspension problems, and transmission issues.