For creating Google Web Stories, first you have to decide about your niche.

Niche means on which topic you want to create your web stories. Like Technology, Marketing, Sports or News, etc.

After deciding your niche,, if you use WordPress, then there are 2 main plugins to create web stories.

Makestories and Web Story (By Google). My recommendation is, use Google web story plugin.

Next, Add images (HD) and texts in every slides of your web story. You can add animation if you want.

Moreover, you can add GIFs, Stickers and many things in your web stories. These things makes you web stories more atrractive.

After that add url or CTAs of your website or any affiliate website. If you want to drive traffic on webistes.

If you want to earn more money with AdSense try to post more stories per day with your links.

There are so many other functions which we can't cover here but surely helps you by writing a full article on our website.

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