If you don't know What is Google Web Stories Watch this Web Story

Currently, Google web stories are a trending topic among most the bloggers

There are many reasons for that including whether it is the best way to generate traffic on a website or increase AdSense revenue, etc.

So, how you can earn money with Google Web Stories, Obviously through Google AdSense?

What you have to do is just create web stories on the trending topics Or the topics which have high CPC

In this way, you will generate high traffic which will ultimately help you in getting more clicks on your ads

Make sure you are providing great information to your readers. And don't try to copy-paste or re-write topics from other websites.

Just think about this, can't you give 10 to 15 slides of useful information to your audience by writing yourself?

If you make high-quality stories and 10 to 15 web stories per day you will get a huge amount of traffic to your web stories or articles

Know how to find trending and high CPC topics for creating Google Web Stories by clicking the link given below