Finding the right topic which your audience is looking for is not that hard if you do some research

There are many sources to find topics for creating web stories which can give you high traffic

But the first thing is, It all depends on your niche and Country.

For example, if you are targeting the USA then there are a huge amount of resources where you can find topics that get a high amount of traffic.

Some of the sources include Bing, Google Trends, Yahoo, USA news, etc

And if your target country is India then Jionews, AmarUjala, Google Trends, etc are enough to find the hottest topics.

And still, if you find difficulties in finding the right topic just search your topic on Google and click on the first link you’ll get. BOOM

Google Trends is pervasive because you can change the country and check which topics are trending in a Country

After finding the topic just start creating web stories on that. Add HD images on that topic.

Similarly, find 10 to 15 topics per day and create web stories on those topics and publish them.

In just a few days you will see a high amount of traffic on your web stories or website (if you are re-directing them towards your website)

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