Getting your content into Discover isn't that different from traditional SEO, and there aren't any strict rules.

You need great content that is written for the right people and a great website that gives users a great experience.

Make great content Creating great and usefull content help your content in getting show up in discover.

Write daily content If you write consistently, Google will notice that you are actively providing unique and great content to users.

That ultimately help your content to show up in Google Discover.

Improve EAT EAT stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness.

Google always say that you must write about in which you have all these things. Like if you write on technology, then you must have expertise knowledge about that topic.

Use visual elements Images and video are one of the highly engaging elements of any type of content.

So try to use more images or videos which are highly engaging and your readers must find it attractive.

In short, you must provide unique, continuous, and engaging articles and information to your readers to make your content show in Google Discover. Provide Best Content = Getting more traffic