How comfortable is the IONIQ 5 The seats up front are cozy and comfortable. One amongst our drivers completed a round trip of roughly eight hours without any complaints.

How comfortable is the Model 3 We discovered the Model 3 to be a comfortable place to sit, and this impression persisted for long periods of time.

How’s the interior The Ioniq 5 isn't what you're looking for if you want to be amazed by anything "from the future!" Its dual-screen design is simple to use and see from a distance.

How’s the interior The inside is unexpectedly spacious because to the basic design and all-glass top, and the driving experience is very customizable and feels terrific.

How’s the tech The Ioniq 5 has a ton of technological features. The majority of them come standard, and Hyundai's newest combination of improved adaptive cruise controls 

How’s the tech The Model 3 navigational display is the only one that pulls real-time Google Maps data and is stunning in size.

How’s the storage The Ioniq 5 isn't the storage space king overall. Only 27.2 cubic meters of storage space are available behind the back row via the rear hatch.

How’s the storage We were amazed at what the trunk could contain, an extra-large mountain bike, despite the trunk's declared capacity (12.3 cubic feet) being underwhelming relative to the space in other major electric vehicles.