The Kia Ceed is a practical and reasonably priced small family 4-door with a roomy interior.

The Kia Ceed has developed and grown up not only on the outside, but also inside, where it seems more luxurious than ever.

An 8-inch screen, smartphone mirroring, a few metal-effect trims, and a ton of soft, squishy plastic trimmings are all included as standard equipment.

Additionally, the front seats of the Kia Ceed are very supportive and offer plenty of flexibility for tall riders to feel at ease.

Thankfully, backseat comfort hasn't been overlooked; rear seat capacity is almost as generous as front seat space.

Because of the soft central seat and nearly flat floor, a six-foot-tall passenger can comfortably sit behind in an equally tall driver.

More can fit in its 395-liter boot than nearly any other tiny hatchback, and there is no need to worry about a load lip thanks to the standard adjustable floor.

There is enough room with the seat backs folded down to transport a bike and its wheel as well.There is enough room with the seat backs folded down to transport a bike and its wheel as well.

The fact that there isn't nearly enough room there under boot floor to put the parcel shelf is actually the sole drawback to the impressively practical Kia Ceed.

The base 1.0-liter petrol engine in the Kia Ceed will have enough power if you don't intend to completely fill the boot.

f you want to drive the Kia Ceed for vast distances and mix city and highway driving, the more potent 1.4-litre version is worth considering. The 1.6-litre diesel is also quite cheap.

The regular six-speed manual transmission is manageable to operate, but the automatic is more enjoyable to operate for extended periods of time, especially in traffic.

Large windows and light settings make it as simple as possible to maneuver through town, and its flexible suspension does a great job of smoothing out significant potholes.

It's true that the Ford Focus is more enjoyable to drive, even in the sportiest GT configuration. But the Ceed has a ton of cutting-edge features that are intended to make it as secure as possible.