The Koenigsegg CCR was the most potent model of the CC range automobiles at the time when it made its debut at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2004.

A rear wing comes standard with a wider front splitter for improved downforce and a modified lighting arrangement.

upgraded suspension and an engine with two Rotrex Superchargers that produces 920 Nm (679 lb-ft) of torque at 5700 rpm and 601 kW (806 horsepower; 817 PS) at 6900 rpm.

The Koenigsegg CCR Revo was a blue CCR with such a white and blue bi-color interior that had undergone significant factory improvements at the landlord's request in 2012.

Koenigsegg Revo is embroider on the back seat of the dashboards as well as a fire extinguisher, an upgraded steering wheel, side skirts, fog lights, and a red and black bi-color interior.

He claimed that although CCR was initially yellow, it had already gotten improvements from the manufacturer, including exterior Silver painting and 11-spoke CCX wheels.

A tweaked ECU to boost student and just a changed drive ratio to enable the vehicle to reach its maximal torque were the first steps in the company's approach for the CCR.

The better driving ratio was achieved by completely disassembling the 6 speed gearbox and swapping the plastic bushings for Uniball parts.

The power increased from 600 to 664 kW (or 815 to 903 PS) as a result of the remapped ECU, and the redline was lowered to 7,200 rpm.

The EDO Competitive CCR Evolution can reach speeds of 0 to 100 kilometres (62 mph) in 3.2 secs, 200 kilometres (124 mph) in 9.7 secs, and 300 kilometres (186 mph) in 23 seconds.

Alcantara fabric was subsequently put to the Koenigsegg's interior, and a new entertainment system was fitted to the center console.

With a potential top speed of much more than 395 km/h, Koenigsegg declared the CCR to be the best car automobile at its introduction (245 mph).

But in April 2005, a prototype of the eagerly anticipated Bugatti Veyron took first place with a top speed of over 400 km/h (250 mph), while the production model clocked in at 408.47 kilometres (253.81 mph).