On the day of the Paris auto show, Lamborghini introduced the Asterion, a brand-new one-off concept.

The car, dubbed a "technology demonstration," showcases an 898 horsepower lock petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain that was built in-house.

The prototype can go up to 50 km on electric power alone and is described as offering a "unique Lamborghini cruise experience combined with daily urban drivability."

The new two-seater is powered by Lamborghini's first-ever plug-in petrol-electric hybrid motor, which is expected to debut in a production Urus model.

which, despite claims to the contrary, already has undergone major conceptual development and is waiting for parent group Audi to give it the official go-ahead.

The naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 petrol engine from the Italian car manufacturer serves as the foundation for the sophisticated hybrid system.

The longitudinally placed V10 produces 602bhp all by itself, sending it entirely to the back wheels through a six dual-clutch automatic transmission.

The petrol engine is combined with three brushless electric motors – one placed within the gearbox and capable of directing drive to the rear wheels

and two more powerful units situated within the front axle, where they provide direct drive to the front wheels.

Together, the electric motors produce a combined 296bhp, raising the Asterion's overall output to 898bhp and a yet to be specified peak torque figure.

The Asterion is advertised as having a front-wheel-drive electric mode with a range of up to 50km at 125kph.

According to claims, the new Lamborghini has a 0-100kph time of 3.0 seconds and a max speed of 320kph.