The with Land Rover Discovery SVX SVX, Jaguar Land Rover continue its scavenging of forsaken three-letter marques.

a vehicle that JLR's Special Vehicle Operation (or SVO, letters originally affixed to a Ford Mustang) modified for better off-road performance

With JLR's 518-hp turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8 for added roost-throwing mayhem, the SVX is essentially a raised Disco.

But the 461-lb-ft behemoth engine seemed like overkill on a delicious cake; the suspension was the actual labor of love.

The SVX introduces Land Rover's Hydraulic Active Roll Control, which increases wheel articulation.

The manufacturer asserts that H-ARC reduces body roll on highways and enhances body handling either on and off road by boosting grip in rocky terrain.

Using redesigned knuckles and long-travel dampers, the raised air suspension improves approaching, departure, and breakover angles.

20-inch forged aluminum wheels are covered in 275/55R-20 Goodyear Wrangler tires.20-inch forged aluminum wheels are covered in 275/55R-20 Goodyear Wrangler tires.

Land Rover's Dynamic Response 2, which modifies the speed, braking, and torque balance for the best traction in a range of conditions, is also upgraded for the Discovery SVX.

The two-speed transfer case and eight-speed automatic transmission are tuned specifically for this use, and the SVX comes equipped with a remarkable array of Land Rover's driver-assistance functions

Electronic grip controller, stability analysis regulate, different power steering, and the All-Terrain Progress Control from LR, which has a decidedly British accent.

Overall, we adore the beefed-up Discovery's elbow-throwing badger look, and we predict that some of its features will filter down into the model line's lower tiers as time passes.

According to Land Rover, the model on exhibit in Frankfurt is an exact replica of the hand-built production vehicle that will be sold starting in 2019.