On her first day of college, a teenage girl was struck by lightning in the chest, melting her clothes and blowing up her Apple Watch.

Local news outlets WEAR-TV and WKRG this week reported on a college freshman who was struck by lightning on the first day of classes and managed to survive despite a close call with her heart.

Emma Eggler, 18, claimed that after being struck by lightning that she was "extremely lucky" to be alive.

An older person might have suffered a deadly heart attack from the shock, but Eggler just suffered second-degree burns and bruises.

The University of West Florida student, who is originally from Alabama, moved into her dorm over the weekend and started classes on Monday, she told WKRG.

She claimed that as she made her way to her final lesson of the day, she could see a storm developing but was unaware of how near it was.

Eggler claimed that when the lightning struck her, she didn't feel its impact; for a little period of time, she was standing before she awoke on the ground helpless to move or talk.

She had burns on her chest, stomach, and wrist, and her gadgets had been destroyed. Her clothes had also melted to her body.

Eggler told WEAR-TV that she is feeling better after being released on Tuesday night and that she intends to go to class the following week.

Eggler's clothing was "totally open" and had fused to her skin when she awoke. She was able to be moved to a nearby bench by her pals, who also dialled 911.

Fortunately, Eggler was able to regain sensation and motion in her legs during her brief hospitalisation. The worst of Eggler's wounds, according to her mother Erin, were the burns on her stomach.

Where the current left Eggler's body, holes were left in her sock and sneakers. When the lightning jolted through her body, her Apple Watch exploded, leaving burns on her wrist.

"If you don't think miracles happen, ask this kid. You might have second thoughts, "Erin Eggler, Emma's mother, posted on Facebook on Tuesday.