Can Mazda truly create a semi monster for the road that rivals Ferrari with the exact ease as it has for the racetrack?

Although it's unlikely that a Furai will be sitting in the front lot of your neighborhood dealership real soon, 1 thing is sure: the company's renowned zoom-zoom mindset is definitely in full swing.

Mazda created the quickest, most extreme vehicle to make its premiere at the Detroit Auto Show this year.

The amazing Furai (Issue 994)'s outstanding design was made clear in the first images. However, as we discovered, the crazy lines only tell half the tale.

The two-seat Furai, which is named after the Japanese word for "the sound of the wind," was created by Mazda engineers from a wish list of ideal components.

This includes one of the most renowned engines in the history of the corporation as well as cutting-edge materials and components from the motorsports industry.

Mazda decided to use a carbon composite component created by French road racing company Courage rather than adopting a road car base.

The structure, which was about two meters wide and four meters long, was also the ideal location to put a very unique 450 horsepower rotary engine.

The Furai is only one meter tall, so you have to stoop down to see inside, yet it already has a powerful visual impact when it is still.

Also challenging is getting on board. The cockpit is rather small, even with the scissor doors fully open—especially for two people!

Our chauffeur is waiting behind the wheel. And after slipping through the door, Jamie Bach, a racer, is standing next to us.

Then, when we accelerate to the 9,000 rpm red line, shifts are made by using the paddle shifters placed on the steering wheel.