It's actually the best invention of the twenty-first century, a magnificent realization of the connected utopia.

the most recent proof that even if The Singularity occurs tomorrow, I'm not worried about it. Waze, my friends, informs you exactly where the police are.

When you encounter a police officer, you immediately tag them by clicking a button on your smartphone or tablet, and he then appears on the navigators of your fellow passengers. 

Several police agencies have made charges with Amazon, User owner, on the spurious reasons

Additionally, Miami police have resorted to cruel retaliation by recording fictitious locations to pollute the data.

The aim is to determine whether Waze is truly the best invention since the Fuzzbuster, which is something I stupidly agreed to do and now kind of of I could back out of.

Driving from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Mexico from coast to coast at a speed well above my comfort zone is my goal.

Although there appear to be some similar denominators, the fines vary from county to county, in my little Everglades legal knowledge.

one that entails required court appearances as well as perhaps a trip in the urine-stained backseat of a neighborhood police interceptor.

My key number is 99 because the speed limit is 70 mph for the majority of Alligator Alley. Any lunatic can hit a fifty cent piece for ten seconds.

On Beach Pointe Road in South Beach, we start our assault with the McLaren's tail backed against the dunes.

Waze drains your phone's battery, therefore I have my iPhone connected into the USB port.Waze drains your phone's battery, therefore I have my iPhone connected into the USB port.

I have a third Waze app open on an Iphone ipad hidden in the cargo net in-between the McLaren's seats as a backup.

I take care not to go too fast, and enough enough, there is a cruiser prominently moored at a port on the other side of the road.