The 720S, the foundational model in McLaren's Super Series, is named after the powerful output of its semi 4.0-liter twin turbo V8.

It was created as the replacement for the McLaren 650S and is reportedly only little slower than the legendary McLaren P1 on a twisting track.

Even though the 720S's format is quite similar to that of its predecessor, McLaren claims that almost 95% of its components are brand-new.

The new MonoCell is more rigid than the previous model, which was a steel tub to which a aluminum roof was connected.

sportiness or plushness. Those looking to stand out can also have their 720S customized using McLaren's specialist MSO service.

The McLaren 720S has performance potential close to that of the company's P1 hypercar and is gorgeous to look at and drive.

The McLaren Super Series moniker indicates a vehicle built to provide ardent drivers with the highest level of road car performance.

as a result, its ride is tighter than that of Sports Series cars. However, the outstanding design of the company's actively linked hydraulic damping system

Reactive Chassis Control II is a driving mode system that lets you add more damping stiffness by switching to the Sport or Track settings.

However, the damping delivers a level of smoothness that is - relatively speaking - really remarkable even in Track mode.

Through the wheel rim, the driving, which is electro-hydraulically operated, offers beautifully detailed input.

Together, the steering and chassis allow you to move through space at incredible speeds that are completely unsuitable for road use.

To employ even close to the car's full capabilities on the track, you'd need to have a decent degree of talent and confidence.

The amazing docility the car exhibits when you've relaxed and are ready to cruise is the 720S's other side.