Around that time, my co-driver advised me to slow down because I was approaching the end of the airport tarmac we were on and the braking zone. I was now doing about 135 mph.

I never considered checking the speedometer below. By that point, I was a pace sack of adrenaline and cortisol with massively dilated pupils, in my opinion.

To avoid a car accident and professional shame, you have four laps. Another Dunsfold virgin was driving a second P1 that was circling the course. Oh, and the layout of the course is in the shape of an eight.

Testing has shown that the P1 will accelerate from to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and maintain a strong push all the way to its controlled top speed of 217 mph.

The P1, of which 375 will be built, is remarkable for its capacity to manage a 727-hp twin-turbo V-8 and a 177-hp electric motor powered by a batteries battery pack.

That does not imply that there are no tragic events in the car. Drama is everywhere. When you let up on the gas during a corner, the turbo boost lets go with a startling "woof!"

When they strike the dioxide wheel wells and bottom, pebbles that have been stirred up from the ground ping with the clarity and crack of a pistol report.

However, when the large turbos begin to spin in earnest, there is no apparent change in speed. The electric motor is operating without your awareness.

We believe that the McLaren P1 has dispelled any concerns about whether a hybrid model would make driving a hypercar less enjoyable.

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While the P1's claimed electric-only range of six to eight miles is true, the engine-mounted motor's primary function is to improve the gasoline engine's power-delivery characteristics.

A "boost" button lets you drive solely on the power from the gas engine in addition to the numerous driver-selectable programs (e-mode, regular, sport, track, and race).

Then, it's immediately all-in. Of you, the powertrain only delivers the 903 hp that the driver would normally have access to.