Presently racing in Formula One is the British team McLaren Racing (pronounced mah-cla-ren). Founded by Bruce McLaren in 1963

In 1966, the team made its Formula One Championship debut, and they have since participated in every season.

The team has produced seven World Drivers' Champions, making them one of the most famous in Formula One history. They have won a total of 12 Drivers' Cups.

The squad used Renault motors from 2018 to 2020 after three disappointing years in their resumed collaboration with Honda from 2015.

before returning to Mercedes motors. Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo will be their drivers in 2022.

Bruce McLaren, an F1 driver, declared in 1962 that he would form a team to compete in lower-level racing while he was not taking part in F1.

Tim and Ted Meyer, two American cousins who had immigrated to Europe in order to participate in the racing events there, were people he met that year.

Ted Meyer and Bruce McLaren competed in Formula 2 races in New Zealand and Australia. McLaren also served as the racing driver, sharing the driving duties with Timmy Mayer.

Due to his F1 responsibilities, McLaren was only seldom able to take part, thus the Mayer brothers ran the team most of the time.

Timmy Mayer's terrible death, which occurred when he was competing in the Pacific Series in Tasmania, Australia, in a McLaren M1, tragically ruined the 1964 season.

Bruce hired Robin Herd, a young designer, to create the M2 chassis, which would be utilized for the 1966 season, with the intention of competing in the F1 Championship.

Midfielder, who joined the program while karting and later advanced to the McLaren F1 team, is the most famous participant in the program.