When you consider the numerous factors that influence performance, this becomes clear.

While it makes some sense for many of us to focus on the power number alone, we often overlook how crucial the weight it must move is.

The A 45 S has an extraordinarily healthy power - to - weight of 260hp per ton with 421hp and a curb weight of 1,625kg.

However, the regular 911 Carrera with rear wheel drive only has 244 horsepower per ton. Hmm. Admit it, you now have a higher regard for the AMG A 45 S.

After driving this vehicle at the NATRAX high-speed bowl in Bhopal and witnessing the speedometer readily increase to 278 kph

Wide open spaces, like those found at Natrax, have a tendency to conceal genuine pace, and the raging A 45 S brings this point home forcefully.

During an early-morning drive, when the A 45 S's frantic pace jolts my eyes open like a second shot of espresso, this becomes painfully evident. The potency is almost instantly felt.

That one pumped power wherever and wherever it could; this one's throttle response is more subtle and carefully planned.

The A 45 S managed a 0-100kph speed of 4.17 seconds in our settings and on our usual 91 octane fuel, with 200kph trying to come up in 15 seconds dead. Launch control was engaged.

When traveling outside of the city on faster-moving roads, the A 45 S is so much better at absorbing bumps.

Yes, the motor and performance are excellent, but the way the A 45 S attacks turns is what sets it apart from other vehicles.

Even at high speeds, the twin-clutch gearbox reacts quickly and assists.Deliver two shots of driving bliss when you shift through the gears quickly.

Also a ton of fun is utilizing the drifting mode in open areas. Unlike other AMG vehicles that are largely rear-driven, the front wheel is not detached.