It followed the model established by the first Nissan Qashqai since it features off-roader styling but hatchback-style proportions.

Even though it had a facelift in 2015 to give it a more modern appearance, the Mitsubishi ASX that is currently on the market is substantially the same as the vehicle that initially went on sale.

The Juro comes standard with front-wheel drive, which is also how the 3 and 3 SE were laid out, whereas the 4 and 5 had four-wheel drive.

This platform's origins can be found in a partnership among Mitsubishi & PSA Peugeot Citroen; however, given that Mitsubishi is currently a member of the Nissan Nissan Allianceng.

The Mitsubishi is passable in bends, with moderate grip and respectable chassis stability, but the excitement is limited by ambiguous steering. 

Mitsubishi resorted to Renault Sa Citroën for a diesel car motor that meets all Euro 6 emissions rules as part of the ASX's makeover in 2015.

In testing, we were able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 10.5 seconds, which is five tenths quicker than Mitsubishi claims.

The Mitsubishi ASX was priced between £19,000 to £30,000, which was a few thousands pounds less than rival crossovers already on the market.

The ASX is divided into insurance groups 20 through 25, with all 1.6-liter vehicles coming under the lowest group. The larger 2.2-liter diesel engine in the 4WD automatic moves up to Group 25.

The ASX achieves average depreciation values, with lesser spec Juro or 3-spec cars scoring between 41 and 44 percent. The most expensive 5 models, however, only hold about 36% of their original value.

The mid-life facelift in 2015 was very understated, with the most noticeable change being a revised front end with additional chromium under the headlamps and a projecting snout.

DAB digital radio, Bluetooth with music streaming, and a USB port with smartphone link via Mitsubishi's proprietary Composite phone connection are all included in every car.

The ASX isn't the largest crossover on the market because its platform is a scaled-down version of the Mitsubishi Outlander's.