As we did, you could continually rev their motors to the top speed down the dragstrip while pounding their tyres into the skidpad and speed courses.

slog through many hundred kilometers of freeway traffic, pound the dampers down and up mountain roads, and cram friends and potential foes into the back seats.

These two are almost as adorable and as similar to one another as a pair of black Laboratory pups from the same litter. Both are popular sedans that have two doors.

Despite the fact that both make sporty style statements, neither will draw attention the way a Viper or 300ZX will. Unlike most sports coupes, both can comfortably fit four full-size adults.

So consider both as sporty cars for partying. The Neon is slightly larger, but the changes are minor aside from its 4.2-inch longer length and the resulting 3.7-inch benefit in rear legroom.

The list of common standard features reflects what a sports-car customer would have wanted: aluminum heads, four cylinders per cylinder, and dual overhead cams

energy 4 disc brakes with vented front rotors, accurate shifting, close-ratio five-speeds, progressive multipoint fuel injection; communicative

Additionally, they both come with standard equipment such as dual airbags and side impact safety that we never thought to include when building sports vehicles during geometry class.

The closest thing to identical acceleration is: Both vehicles reached 60 mph in 8.0 seconds, but the Tennessee-built 200SX SE-R did so at an average speed of 86.4 mph in 16.1 seconds.

It is hardly noteworthy that the Neon has a 0.02g skidpad cornering edge (0.87 g versus 0.85 g).

However, there are some distinctions between the two. However both four-cylinder engines are placed transversely and have a 2.0 liter displacement

However, the 200SX SE-R is easier to drive because its torque and power peak at lower revs.However, the 200SX SE-R is easier to drive because its torque and power peak at lower revs.

Nissan relocated the hardtop away from of the four-door sedan in 1995 when it restyled and re - engineered the Sentra and rebadged it with the 200SX nameplate.