We pay note when an EV's starting price falls below $30,000, before any available tax credits. However, the Leaf's driving range is inferior to that of its competitors.

Furthermore, the Nissan's Cdma charging connector isn't supported by all public charging stations.Furthermore, the Nissan's Cdma charging connector isn't supported by all public charging stations.

Unfortunately, this also applies to a number of other products, many of which provide more daily usability, greater range, and easier access to charging stations.

For 2023, Nissan's electric vehicle gets a few stylistic updates, including a new grille, front bumper, and exterior lighting components.

The outward modifications to the Leaf are completed by a pair of stylish inter tires and a lighted Nissan emblem.

Front-wheel drive vehicles include Leafs. By today's standards, the 147-horsepower electric motor and the 40.0-kWh battery pack in the base Leaf S are both puny.

The Leaf's conventional six-speaker audio system may disappoint audiophiles; a six Bose system is offered, but it too failed to wow us during our test drive.

Although the Leaf may be put into both a standard 120-volt outlet and a 240-volt outlet, the charging times for each are very different.

Nissan claims that the larger battery in the Leaf Plus and the smaller one in the original Leaf can both be recharged in seven hours when connected to a 240-volt source.

Our SV Plus test vehicle achieved 98 MPGe over our 75 mph highway energy test route, outpacing its EPA highway rating of 94 MPGe.

However, during our test, the range reached 180 miles; on the highway, EVs typically achieve less than their EPA-rated range.

The Leaf's cabin seems to have a lot of black plastic, but thanks to its well-assembled and homogeneous textures, it doesn't appear cheap.

The Leaf's cargo capacity is among the finest in its class, regardless of the fact that folding the back seat does not produce a level load floor.

The same compete in the market infotainment screen, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, is standard on all Leaf models; navigation is an option.