The Petriw family, whose home is surrounded by thick evergreens, resides on a peaceful street some way from the city's core.

Mom Sandra operates a Legacy GT wagon with a stick transmission. Dean and Chase, two sons, are huge fans of Fernando Alonso. At Knox Mountain, Uncle Yarko holds the hillclimb record.

When the Skyline GT-R made a comeback in the late 1980s, it was intended to become legendary and restore the Hakosuka original's reign.

However, there is a distinction. The wind Porsche market has completely collapsed as of the time of writing.

Previously a cheap way to bring box-flared DTM action to the road, the E30 M3 is now sold like post-impressionist art.

Although it was never meant for our shores, daily ownership isn't difficult. Every car guy understands what those 4 round taillights signify.

In the soft spring breeze, cherry blossoms gently rain down as we move through the Petriw family room, stepping over scattered Hot Wheels.

Alfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Romeo StelvioAlfa Romeo Stelvio

An RB26 straight-six coos to life in the lush suburbs, settling into a distinctive humming rumble like a Husky cleaning its neck at a stranger, 5,000 miles from its place of birth.

Japanese Domestic Market automobiles are widespread in Vancouver thanks to Canada's more developed grey market than the US.

The R32-chassis Skyline rarely comes in a dark blue hue; instead, most of them are painted in the instantly recognized gunmetal grey.

However, a little badge located on the front of the big straight-six reveals that it is a factory-tuned Mori vehicle.