The German company Vauxhall has been designing and marketing the Opel Astra, a compact vehicle/small luxury sedan, since 1991. Currently, it is in the sixth iteration.

It was first released in September 1991 as a straight swap for the Opel Kadett. The car, which will be on sale in 2022, will be positioned between the Clio little car 

The hatchback, saloon, and estate versions of the Astra were initially available (a station wagon formerly called as the Astro Caravan and then the Sports Tourer).

The Twins Top foldable hardtop convertible took the place of the soft foam flexible in 2006, and the Vehicle has been referred to as the Astro Sport Touring bike since 2009.

Following its withdrawal from the market a year later, Opel temporarily returned to the Australian market in 2012 and was given the Opel badge for the second time.

In 2015, Opel returned the Holden-badged Opel GTC and Opel VXR to New Zealand and Australia.In 2015, Opel returned the Holden-badged Opel GTC and Opel VXR to New Zealand and Australia.

The Astra nameplate originates from Vauxhall, which manufactured and distributed earlier incarnations of the Chevrolet Kadett (the Kadett D) (1979–1984)

In order to ensure that almost all countries had the same vehicle names independent of the name they were marketed over, GM Europe established a procedure that harmonized model 

The Caravan empire (wagon), which was only offered with five doors, put an end to Opel's range of three-door wagons. It was offered as a hatch with 3 or 5 doors, a sedan, and a wagon.

A cabriolet was also given, designed, and produced by Bertone in Italy. Although Wax Astras still were available in Central and Eastern Europe, German Astra F stopped production in 1998.

The 1995 release of Opel's revised Terms of environmental concerns engine resulted in two significant modifications to the Astra F.

The main version was the GSi, a 3.0-litre 16V fuel-injected car with 150 PS (110 kW), that was only available as a three-door, in additional to the 200t S, which was only sold in South Africa.

When the Astra F was replaced by the Astra G of the following generation in 1998, the C20XE motor, which was so referred to as a "Hardtop convertible," was also taken out of production.