With its joyful handling and hungry turbocharged powertrains, the 2022 Porsche 718 Boxster goes beyond the romance of most convertibles as a way to enjoy the open road.

Speed enthusiasts will choose the optional flat-six over the turbo vertically opposed four-cylinder found in base versions.

For 2022, the Boxster's color range gains Sharks Blues and Frozenberry Metallic. Velvet mat and key covers are among the new leather accessories Porsche is now selling.

The GTS 4.0 variant, with its potent and thunderous flat-six, is the Porsche to get if you have no spending restrictions.

Each comes with a supremely pleasurable six-speed manual transmission, however customers can instead choose Porsche's perceptive seven-speed automatic.

Although we haven't had a chance to test the new GTS 4.0 model with our gear, we have great hopes that it will wow us on the track.

Even the base-spec Boxsters behave exactly like we want them to, even with optional extras like Porsche's adjustable dampers and a torque-vectoring rear differential.

According to the EPA, the standard Boxster's turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-four and 6 manual achieve 20 mpg in the city and 26 mpg on the interstate.

On our 200-mile highway gas test route, we tested both a standard Boxster and a S. The results were 33 mpg and 28 mpg, respectively

The Boxster's interior features a little bit more plastic than we'd anticipate in a vehicle this expensive, but for a reasonably low sum, customers can have the console lid, door panels trim

There is a major lack of space in this two-seater. Both the Boxster and the Cayman include a front and back cargo box, even if neither of them has a truly practical storage capacity.

Two USB ports is generally not enough, but with only two seats in this car, how many additional USB ports do you really need? For the those people who still prefer to listen to CD

A Wi-Fi hotspot and navigation are options for buyers. Apple CarPlay connectivity is now standard on Porsche vehicles, while Infotainment System is still not available.

With the shortest terms and a substantial five years or 60,000 miles of free planned maintenance, that car defeats all rivals.