The 2022 Tesla Model 3 is an electric car that lives up to the expectations with a nearly perfect balance of performance, driving range, and affordable cost.

The Model 3 is an EV that driving lovers like us can support since it is rapid the Performance trim—and nimble.

The estimated mileage for this base model has risen to 272 miles despite having a less high in calories battery pack than the previous one.

This year, the estimated driving range for the Long Range trim is slightly increased to 358 miles per charge.

Although the standard locking differential model is an excellent value, some drivers may still experience range anxiety due to its estimated driving range of 272 miles.

The Model 3 starts smoothly, nearly silently, and with strong power from a standstill, just like other EVs do. And in some cuts, it moves really quickly.

The Model 3's battery is carried under the floor like in every other Tesla, giving it a low centre of gravity. This enables it to turn sharply and feel secure and planted in bends.

There are three different Model 3 trims available, each with a various projected driving range. With a stated range of 272 miles, the standard rear-wheel drive variant is the most economical.

The projected range of the Model 3 is increased to 315 miles for the Performance when updating to the Long Range or Performance versions.

The Model 3 provides a variety of charging options, including: Tesla's Supercharger network of fast-charging locations

The dashboard's massive touchscreen, which controls nearly everything, is shockingly simple inside.

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