The 2022 Tesla Model 3 is an electric car that lives up to the expectations with a nearly perfect balance of performance, driving range, and affordable cost.

The Model 3 is an EV that driving lovers like us can support since it is swift—especially the Performance trim—and nimble.

The estimated distance for this base model has risen to 272 miles despite having a less energy dense battery pack than the previous one.

This year, the estimated driving range for the Long Range trim is slightly increased to 358 miles per charge.

The Model 3 accelerates smoothly, nearly silently, and with large force from a standstill, just like other EVs do.

This enables it to turn sharply and feel secure and planted in bends. With three distinct settings to change the steering effort, the steering is precise and evenly weighted.

There are three different Model 3 trims available, each with a various projected driving range. With a stated range of 272 miles, the standard rear-wheel drive variant is the most economical.

The estimated range of the Variant 3 is increased to 315 miles for the Model developed and an amazing 358 miles for the Long Range model when upgrading to those models.

The EPA gives the various Model 3 models ratings from 113 MPGe and 141 MPGe.

Aluminum wheels wrapped by plastic hubcaps with aerodynamic designs are the standard equipment on the Model 3. We were curious to learn how much those hubcaps affected the vehicle's driving range.

Adults won't be able to spend much time in the back seats since they are too small and unpleasant, whereas a front seats are supporting and comfy.

Additionally, the seatbacks on the Model 3 may be folded flat to create a single cargo floor for transporting heavier things.

It's odd that the Model 3 doesn't come with AM radio or Sirius satellite radio, but navigator, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity are all standard.