Tesla Model Y review The Model Y made an attempt to profit off the Model 3's explosive popularity, but the all-electric convertible is more of a fizzle than sizzle.

The Tesla Model Y 2022 appears like a lazy attempt to pander to the SUV-buying public, in contrast to the Model 3, which succeeds in its purpose with handling that dances and an amazing range.

Tesla Model Y Price The Model Y Standard Range had a starting price of $42,000 and an EPA-rated range of 244 miles (393 km).

Tesla Model Y Interior The cabin has an airy feel thanks to the cabin's all-glass roof, which is highly tinted to keep passengers from being too hot in Sun Belt areas.

We doubt the Model Y's third row of seats, which are an expensive $3000 option, will be roomy enough for adults to ride in comfort.

There are just five exterior colours available, three of which have an additional fee, and there are few possibilities to customzse your Model Y by giving an extra $3000.

Tesla Model Y Towing Capacity Install a high-strength steel tow bar and 2" hitch receiver on your Model Y to enable all-wheel towing of up to 3,500 pounds.

Tesla Model Y Performance In any case, the Long Range and Performance variants of the Model Y are more alluring than a Standard Range trim

Despite having outstanding acceleration, the Tesla Model Y doesn't provide the same amount of driving enjoyment as the Tesla Model 3. 

Tesla Model Y Range The anticipated range for the Performance model reduces to 303 miles while the all-wheel-drive Long Range delivers 330 miles of range.

Tesla Model Y HP Tesla doesn't release its own horsepower statistics, although the Performance variant is thought to have roughly 480 hp.

But it's not completely worthless. When compared to competitors like the Ford Mustang Mach E and the Volkswagen ID, its estimated driving range is good.

Up to 330 miles per charge are promised with the Long Range trim. Additionally, the Tesla Model Y has an optional third row of seats, which is still uncommon for EV SUVs.

Additionally, the huge, slender infotainment display that is in the centre of the dashboard is where practically all of the Tesla Model Y's functions are controlled.