In the American market, the local situation is somewhat different, and the better quality is the local American car brand.

It's hard to imagine that Buick will one day be ranked number one on the quality list.

Although Dodge has long since withdrawn from the domestic market, the brand is still well-recognized by consumers locally

As a brand under the same general department, Chevrolet's quality performance is naturally no problem.

As a high-end brand of the Hyundai Kia Group, Genesis has always focused on the American market

Kia, which is a Korean car, has the same number of failures as Genesis with 156 failures in 100 cars, but these two brands are originally a group.

In the past, Lexus has always dominated the JDPower list, but it seems to have fallen from the altar this year

GMC is also a brand under the General Department, mainly responsible for pickup trucks and some commercial vehicles, so its quality stability is no problem.

As a high-end brand of the General Department, Cadillac is actually ranked last in the group.

The officials are also very indifferent to these complaints, and their attitude has always been relatively negative.

It can be said that it has made great progress in recent years.