LT2 V8 motor But the most recent Corvette V8 is fully equipped with technology and produces 495 hp without the aid of forced induction.

Dual-clutch gearbox Beginning in 2020, Corvettes won't be available with a manual transmission, and Tremec's brand-new dual-clutch transmission will replace the standard torque converter-driven automatic.

MSRP The base model Corvette, according to Kelly Blue Book, starts at $60,900 and may be optioned up to $80,000 or over. The LT2 V8 wit 490 hp or the 8-speed Tremec DCT are standard on base models.

The middle layer controls The 2022 Corvette has an emphasis on the driver. It is simple to maintain focus on the road ahead because the interior and all of its accessories are clearly made to be accessed by the driver.

Rearview lens When the Corvette is stationary, the rearview mirror is an ordinary electrochromic mirror. However, as demonstrated in this GM video, the mirror may be converted into an electronic screen for a backup camera that is integrated into the car's roof with only a single button press.

A street-view camera A camera mounted on the front of C8 Corvette sees directly ahead of the vehicle. The driving assistance systems in Chevrolet's Corvette School cover all the car's assists, including three cameras up front.

In the front lift The Corvette's front lift function has a single button that, once pressed, hydraulically lifts a front end of the vehicle up to 2 inches in 30 seconds, according to the manufacturer

Performance data logger The company is also aware that many drivers may utilize the vehicle on a track for entertainment or sport. The data recorder can assist individuals who want to leverage past performance to enhance future performance.