In general, vehicles are 3-5 years old, how the quality is very intuitive, recently, by investigating real cars, Autohome released a reliability ranking of car brands

The people would prefer to open BMW, not only because of the BMW brand, but also benefit from BMW's motion control

In addition to excellent safety performance, Volvo's quality control is also very strict.

After the acquisition of Tata, India's Tata, it is believed that the focus will be on improving the quality level

Nissan was in sixth place with 339 passes over the hundreds of passes, or an average of 339 breakdown issues per 100 Naturem vehicles.

the world's highest luxury brand, Mercedes-Benz in addition to luxury good people, product quality is the top of the joint venture car

in a country with strong industry, Japan, Mitsubishi can not even be compared with Mazda, and can only be considered a third-tier brand

Honda is a brand of reliability, top engine technology, also makes other brands to dust

Toyota's quality and Honda are famous, even too much, ""nice Toyota" is not a hole in the wind

Ten years without overhaul "Crown, Corolla, Camry, Highlander and Love 4 are all, The mouth of the brand is very.

As a Toyota luxury brand, Lexus is naturally better in quality and has an ultra-low failure rate.