With the improvement of national consumption power, everyone has higher and higher requirements for the quality of cars

However, our domestic luxury car brands are complex, and the quality performance and technical level are also uneven, so it is not easy to buy a satisfactory model.

Specifically, let's look at the top ten of the list. Porsche won the championship and Volvo was the runner-up.

while Audi beat BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac also performed well, and Toyota's sub-brand Lexus was a bit surprising

Porsche and Volvo are among the top two, which can be said to be well-deserved.

They both belong to internationally renowned luxury car brands.

Although their domestic ownership is not as good as that of the three major BBA brands, they are far behind in terms of product quality and brand power. better than them.

Audi has come to the third position, which can be said to be the "dark horse" of this list.

Compared with BMW and Mercedes-Benz of the same level, Audi's market performance has always been at a disadvantage.

Cadillac's performance is also very good. In our domestic luxury car market, Cadillac can only be regarded as a second-tier echelon.

However, as prices continue to drop, Cadillac's market performance has also improved significantly

The quality performance of Jaguar and Land Rover is also above the average, even more reliable than Lexus and BMW.