Ford Ford is well renowned for making high-quality, reasonably priced automobiles, and Henry Ford's moving assembly line is frequently credited with helping to establish the modern automotive industry.

Tesla One of the newest automobile brands on the market, Tesla has contributed to the revolutionizing of the electric industry since they first appeared on the scene 18 years ago.

Cadillac Cadillac was the second American brand to be established, after Buick and so is considered one of the founders of the automotive industry in the USA along with the likes of Ford.

Jeep Whenever the American army required a vehicle for World War Two, the Jeep brand was created in the 1940s. The request for proposals for a small reconnaissance vehicle received responses from three businesses.

Chevrolet   Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss race car driver and engineer, founded Chevrolet in 1911 with the help of his brother Alfred and William C. Durant. There were other investors, among them the Canadian CEO of General Motors.