the number of consumers who can afford luxury cars is also increasing.

However, many people buy luxury cars only on the basis of brand power and ignore the quality control performance

the top luxury car brands with the best quality have been released.

Porsche, Volvo and Audi have won the top three, while Cadillac, Jaguar and Land Rover are also above the average, and their reputation is relatively high.

High Lexus, BMW, Lincoln and Mercedes-Benz also made the top

First of all, the top three luxury car brands are surprising. Porsche won the championship.

Porsche has been controversial recently, but in terms of quality and reliability, Porsche is quite reassuring.

Audi's third place is still very controversial. After all, in the eyes of many people

Audi's product performance is not as good as Mercedes-Benz, and its quality control is not as good as BMW's.

Let’s take a look at Cadillac, Jaguar and Land Rover, which are ranked fourth to sixth.

Although the sales performance is not as good as the three major brands of BBA

In terms of control, the American luxury car brand Cadillac did not disappoint car owners.