How’s the interior Each of the front and back rows have plenty of room. The 4Runner's squared-off form and windows provide unexpectedly superb vision to the sides and back.

How’s the interior The interiors include sand beige and black wood finishes with numerous chrome inserts. Even extra boot space is provided by the second and third row's reclining and sliding seats.

How’s the tech  the touchscreen audio system in the 4Runner makes it simple to dive headfirst into the menus without spending a lot of time staring at the screen. 

How’s the tech The upgraded touchscreen infotainment system in the Toyota Fortuner now accepts Apple Iphone and Android Auto.

How’s tThe large cargo space of the 4Runner is squared off. You could even lay out camping gear back there if you fold the back seats. he storage 

How’s the storage The boot has a capacity of 200 liters when all seats are upright, 716 liters when the third row is folded, and 1080 liters when the first and second rows are flat.

How’s the fuel economy  A somewhat thirsty combination, the outdated 4.0-liter V6 motor and five-speed automatic manages only 17 mpg mixed (16 city/19 highway).

How’s the fuel economy Toyota Fortuner gas mileage ranges from 10.01 to 15.04 kilometers per liter. The Fortuner's gas mileage varies from 10.01 km/l to 10.26 km/l, and its diesel mileage varies from 12.9 km/l to 15.04 km/l.

the 4Runner price   he starting price of the 4Runner is $37,605, which is among the most in its class (many competitors start in the mid $30,000s or even in the upper $20,000s).

the fortune price Depending on the trim level you select, the pricing ranges for the Toyota Fortuner varies. ranging from $49,715 to $62,945 for the most recent year the vehicle was produced.