How’s the interior: The majority of the car's heating and cooling settings and controls are located in on-screen submenus just on top-tier Limited model's 11.6-inch screen.

How’s the interior The front seats are spacious, and the operator has unobstructed views to both the rear. Rear passenger seating is more cramped, particularly in the area of headroom.

How’s the tech Given that Toyota will not really do much to make use of the increased area, even the enormous 11.6-inch display on the upper Limited model appears to be a gimmick.

How’s the tech Despite this, it is still not as user-friendly or attractive as competing systems. Thankfully, smartphone connection with Apple CarPlay and Google Auto is increasingly commonplace.

How’s the storage The Prius is very practical for storing baggage, groceries, or anything else you need to put back there thanks to its spacious hatchback cargo compartment and fold-down rear seatbacks. 

How’s the storage The Corolla's trunk is a little bit smaller (13 cubic feet) than that of its main rival. It ought to be adequate for everyday use.

How’s the fuel economy For the Eco trim level, the EPA predicts a range of from to 56 mpg in mixed city/highway driving or as low as 49 mpg with in all drive.

How’s the fuel economy That's an impressive performance from the Corolla's most potent engine. The Corolla easily outperformed that forecast, getting an amazing 40.2 mpg on our 115-mile study route.