The Toyota Prius is still a very effective hatchback in 2022, but it isn't the should hybrids it once was. Although its wedge-shaped design tries to increase gas mileage, it is not attractive.

The Prius is the only small hybrid that has all-wheel drive, which is a bonus, but it does not change how lethargic it is to drive.

A new Nightshade variant for the Prius lineup is available in Silver, Super White, and Midnight Black metallic finishes.

For front-drive cars, it includes black 17-inch wheels, while for all-wheel-drive models, it includes black 15-inch wheels with lug nuts.

Additionally, the 2022 Prius doesn't provide a great deal in way of refined or enjoyable driving. Models with all-wheel drive have an electric motor that drives

The most fuel-efficient Prius Eco, according to the EPA, can achieve up to 58 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the interstate. It is estimated that other front-drive variants will get 54 city mpg and 50 highway mpg.

 receiving rating on 52 and 48 mpg, respectfully. But in the actual world, that isn't always true. A disappointing 46 mpg was achieved by the front-drive Prius on our 75 mph fuel-economy testing loop.

The middle information gauges, which need a greater amount of driver's attention than a conventional configuration, would be a problem even if the Prius were lavishly furnished in leather.

with enough capacity for four six-footers thanks to the upright seating, although a number of competitors provide even more room for backseat occupants.

All Toyota Prius trim levels receive a 7.0-inch touchscreen entertainment system with a plethora of functions, like Apple Pay, Android Auto

The Limited comes with an 11.6-inch touchscreen that is vertically oriented, CarPlay, and Alexa, but for some reason, Android Auto does not work with the larger display.

The Prius's hatchback body layout allows for plenty of cargo capacity behind the back seat, while the shifter's location on the dash spares up too much space for storing boxes in the front seat area.

 A disappointing 46 mpg was achieved by the front-drive Prius on our 75 mph fuel-economy testing loop.