The Volkswagen Beetle was came because Adolf Hitler wanted a cheap and simple car for German Roads.

And now the rest is histroy, this beetle slowly becomes iconic car.

This car costs around 29 lakh Indian rupees.

If talking about Volkswagen Beetle's exterior appearance, this car looks very good.

The desingers of Volkswagen did a great job by Using parts of the original, famous design to create this modern update.

The bug look is very visible and gets a lot of attention, especially from women.

Volkswagen says the redesigned Beetle's more muscular styling will appeal to male consumers.

In sum, the automobile has a big personality, and VW deserves credit for masterfully constructing its attractiveness.

For a two-door vehicle, the sleekness of frameless doors is extremely appealing.

The larger dimensions are clearly clear, and to top it all off, there's a massive sunroof.

All of these things also add up to one more thing: great visibility from the sides of the cabin.

But the dash is a little higher than it needs to be, which makes it harder to see out of the front windshield.

Even though the Beetle makes do with a height adjustable seat for the driver, we may find vertically challenged buyers a bit inconvenienced on this front