Copywriting is a process of writing persuasive words to make your readers take action on something.

An example of a call to action would be to subscribe to the newsletter, buy now, register now, etc.

You can say that copywriting is salesmanship in print, where your only purpose is to sell something with written words.

For writing an excellent copy you must know how to be creative and a problem solver.

Because every word you write in your copy must be creative and problem-solving for your readers which shows they will going to take action.

Writing great copy doesn’t mean that you must know perfect grammar and perfect English.

There are many top copywriters whose first language is not even English like Dan Lok.

Your copy should sound like how you talk with your friends or family.

Because that's how your reader will trust you and think about buying the product/service

Today, you can find copywriting everywhere like in your email box, catalogs, etc

Copywriting is a billion-dollar industry, and if you want to make your carrier in copywriting make sure you read this guide on Copywriting.